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About the SCYC Auxiliary:

The St. Croix Yacht Club Auxiliary was formed in 1954 and has been an active group since that time. The functions of the Auxiliary are to organize and promote social events for Auxiliary members and guests, and to raise funds to be used in the improvement of the St. Croix Yacht Club clubhouse. 

The Auxiliary currently hosts 6-7 events during the year. The annual Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser held in May each year is the major fundraising event. Throughout the years, the Auxiliary has contributed money to help finance numerous upgrades and improvements to the clubhouse. 

The Auxiliary Board of Directors is made up of 5 elected individuals and several appointed Committee Chairpersons. The Board provides general direction over the Auxiliary’s business affairs and policies. 

Membership in the St. Croix Yacht Club Auxiliary is open to the spouse or partner of any current St. Croix Yacht Club member in good standing; the spouse or partner of any deceased St. Croix Yacht Club member; and past presidents upon continuous payment of dues. In addition, any person who has been a member of the Auxiliary while her/his spouse or partner was a SCYC member can maintain their Auxiliary membership upon continuous payment of their dues.